International Property Awards 2023-2024: Key One Realty Group Triumphs 3rd Year In A Row

  • November 8, 2023

In the world of real estate, excellence is not just a goal; it’s a way of life for Key One Realty Group. For years our prestigious real estate, property management, holiday home, and interior design company has consistently demonstrated our commitment to exceptional services, innovation, and professionalism. The dedication to excellence has once again been recognized for a third year in a row, as Key One Realty Group has received 4 awards at the International Property Awards 2023-2024.

What is the International Property Awards?

International Properties Awards is an annual event that invites participation from both residential and commercial property experts worldwide and awards the most achieving companies operating in various aspects of the property and real estate industry. Winning an award at the International Properties Awards is a significant achievement that speaks to a company’s commitment to quality, design, and service.

These awards are categorized by region, encompassing Africa, Asia Pacific, Arabia, Canada, the Caribbean, Central & South America, Europe, the UK, and the USA. Participants submit their entries at the national level, and their submissions are evaluated by a panel of highly seasoned professionals with expertise spanning various property-related disciplines.

The 4 categories in which Key One Realty Group has received an award:

Real Estate Agency Website Dubai

Best Lettings Agency Arabia – Nominated for International

Best Lettings Agency Dubai – 5 stars

Real Estate Agent DubaiDiana Magariu

Key One Realty Group’s Resounding Success

Key One Realty Group, based in the United Arab Emirates, has been a dominant force in the real estate sector for many years. Our consistent track record of excellence, innovative approach to property development, and dedication to customer satisfaction have helped Key One stand out in the competitive Dubai market. Alongside the International Property Awards, our company has also previously been awarded by the Middle East Most Promising Brand Award (2019), 2 of The Middle East Branding And Marketing Leadership Awards (2020), Insight Success (2021), and Luxury Lifestyle Awards (2023).

work she has been doing at Key One, which furthermore describes our company’s eminence: World Women Leadership Congress Awards (2019), The Middle East Branding And Marketing Leadership Awards (2020), and Women Entrepreneur Award (2023)

With the evidence of our strive for success, Key One Realty Group is setting new standards for real estate excellence.

Written by: Anastasia Makarycheva

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